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johnboy wrote at 2013-06-02 06:40:24
i have an 87. i took the honeycomb part off thought it would breath better.but it started get sluggish .i got a new 1 fixed it. i go to they have all stock an race for your car. they also have a part common probs an fixs  

johnboy wrote at 2013-06-02 06:57:33
Oh. i allmost forgot same symptoms is the injector plugs are known for it they get hot an loose bad conection racetep has new one easy fix 2 wires for each inj. cut an crimp best adv.check out racetep hope it helps

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Anthony Falcone


I have been working with (and driving) a first generation Mitsubishi Eclipse for several years. Anything that could go wrong with an Eclipse has probably happened on mine. Fortunately, I have gained a lot of knowledge from experience in repairing these problems myself.


Identifying and repairing problems in mechanical and electrical areas. Plus, I have learned many ways to enhance performance to the incredible engine Mitsubishi put in their early model Turbos.

AS degree in Engineering Science
BS degree in Electrical Engineering

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