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Mitsubishi Repair/boot for spark plug


mitsubigin wrote at 2014-10-13 21:39:00
tune-ups are a myth on modern cars, you replace the parts as they wear off. Over-heating is the most probable cause for the boots cracking, recommend you monitor the cooling system, revise the ignition wires and coils. Fuel filter and injectors should be checked also.

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I have done a lot of work on older Mitsubishi's. Whatever has gone on with someone's car has I am sure happen to the one I work on. A lot of things, though might be the computer it could be a sensor too. Whatever I am not sure of, I will then hunt up the question useing the net. Don't know much about body work or painting a car.


The Mitsubishi Eclipse I work on has over 167,000 miles on it. If it could go wrong it has. I have learned a lot from working on the car, reading books and asking people who work on other cars.

Church, I am a Christian.

Have some college course on engines, working on them and keeping them repaired. Read a lot of books and try to stay ahead of things.

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