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Mitsubishi Repair/service engine soon light


Steven wrote at 2010-02-19 21:04:58
Yes that is all true. I have a 2003 Mitsubishi Outlander and my spark plug wires came loose.  Being that I am mechanically inclined,  I knew what it was. I opened the hood to find 1 spark plug wire came loose and the fact that my car started bucking made it clear to me that it was running on 3 cylinders instead of 4.  I pushed down on the wire,started the car and it was fine.  The Service Engine Soon light stayed on for about a day then it went off all by itself.  This is the second time this happened so now I know what causes this.


mechanic wrote at 2015-03-08 17:00:28
before you go spending a lot of money replacing things its like dominos once they start what replace everything go to autozone they can do a free diagnostic scan for error codes it's free then you'll know what area your car where the fault codes are coming from and likely cause to test specific parts instead of replacing things that have nothing to do with problem if you have multiple misfire usualy its in ignition system is electrical or fuel it also has to do with mileage and how long those plugs and wires have been on and using the correct spark plugs and wires with mitsubishi repeat you have to replace as one new correct plugs and wires as will cause missfire again shortly and should replace pcv valve air filter and check egr tube to see if any restrictions and oil change if dirty there also could be a coil pack that has a bad ground but just guessing since i do not know the error codes

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