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lilolazn wrote at 2006-10-26 07:05:00
Hey,I just reset the SRS Light on my friends Honda Accord. I followed instruction I found on the net and it worked, but Hondas and Mitsis, well, maybe give this ago.

1) You need to find the MES Connector. On my friends car it was plugged behind fuse box. It was yellow in color and was a 2 prong connector. The insulating material around the wires of the connector was also yellow. For me, it was easy to find. HOWEVER, I have heard of some people saying that they had a green connector located near the hood release latch. Wherever your connector is located, it is plugged into a "dummy harness."  Hence, the prongs are not actually plugged into anything; the "dummy harness" just holds the MES Connector and prevents it from bouncing around.

2) Clip one alligator clip (or a wire exposing both ends, which I did) to one of the prongs and the other alligator clip to the other prong. If you're using 2 strands of wire, you won't be clipping, but twisting or shoving the wire into the respective prongs.

3) Hold the two ends of your wire together, so that they are now connected.

4) Keeping the wires connected, turn the ignition on (Do NOT start your car).

5) The SRS light comes on for about 6 seconds and then goes off.  Quickly disconnect the two wires.

6) The SRS light will come on again. Quickly reconnect your wires.

7) The SRS light goes off. Disconnect your wire connection and leave the wires disconnected.

8) If you did this correctly, the SRS will blink twice.

9) Turn the ignition off and wait 10 seconds.

10) Turn the ignition on, thus starting your car,  and hopefully the SRS light will now be off.

11) Turn your car off, assuming the above instructions worked and your SRS light is now off.  If not, either retry the instructions and/or verify that nothing else is wrong.

11) Remove your wires, do not cross them at all or let them touch. Replug the yellow/green connector  back into the "dummy harness".

12) If the SRS light comes back on (assuming you reset the SRS correctly and the light was off), then something is malfunctioning in the SRS Airbag System and you'll have to see a dealership or repair shop.


- You only have a 4 second window to connect/disconnect the wires. Example: when the SRS light comes on in Step 6, you have 4 seconds to reconnect the wires.

- Make sure you have the right connector and that a module or some other part of the SRS system is not malfunctioning.

- It took me 2 tries to get it right. The main thing to remember is that the wires need to be connected when the light is on, disconnected when the light is off.

R888DRS wrote at 2014-10-16 19:35:32
I to had the SRS light turn on, and coincidence or not my reverse lights were not working as well.  I checked the reverse light fuse and sure enough it was blown. I replaced the fuse and the SRS light went away and my reverse lights now work. Where ever u heard that could b the problem.....they were right. Thx

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