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My dream is to find a career that is related to Mixed Martial Arts. I'm not looking to fight, but help behind the scene, where do I start?

My advice would be to attend your local MMA gym and start learning.  You don't necessarily have to fight start training in MMA.  There are also a variety of MMA related career paths such as being a trainer, manager, or fight promoter.  Try a few training sessions to see if you want to be a trainer in the future.  There will also be guys at the gym who are professional/amateur fighters who you would be able to see in action.  This can lead to a position as a cornerman in the future.  You can also attend local shows and then introduce yourself to the fight promoters and see if there are any positions available.  With that being said, I wish you the best of luck.

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I can answer the majority of emperical questions that are verifiable through trustworthy sources. This can range from a fighter's record to a specific issue about a violation of a rule. The only questions I may not be able to answer are those which force me to compare two fighters through personal opinion. As a mixed martial arts fan, I will always have personal favorites and value those over other fighters who I do not favor as much.


I have been a fan of mixed martial arts for well roughly six years, following a wide range of organizations such as the UFC, WEC, Pride, Strikeforce, Elite XC, etc. As a martial artist, I have been a practitioner of Uechi-Ryu karate for 3 years and currently hold a green belt.

I am currently a second year college student.

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