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QUESTION: hii sir,
am 21yr old.. i am an engineering student and am fond of martial arts.. i have studied basics of karate and grappling .. am learning taekwondo these days since an year...  i want to be a professional mma fighter in future.. what should i do for it??i also train my body in gym for developing explosiveness in my strikes ... plese give me advice

ANSWER: Most gyms have a trial period where you can train the first few days for free. Look for a local gym and try it out first. Fighting isn't for everyone. Also, I believe the UFC is planning The Ultimate Fighter: India, so apply for that if given the opportunity. However, don't quit your education just yet. School comes first.

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QUESTION: thank you sir for helping me.. and you mean i must continue and concentrate on my graduation first .
sir but i really want to be a fighter i think am made for it... i have been training in martial arts for many years and am still training..
but sir if i become professional fighter then income through it will be enough to supplement my family?? and what will be my retirement plan after i stop fighting??

Many fighters hold another job in addition to martial arts. I strongly advise you to do the same, especially for a great job like engineers. There is a difference between "want" and having the ability to do something. Fighting isn't for everyone and many lack the skill to do so. The only advice I can give is do it on a par time basis first. of course, the highest income you can get will be in America.

If you are serious about martial arts, you will most likely have to move to get the best training available and most money.

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I have been a fan of mixed martial arts for well roughly six years, following a wide range of organizations such as the UFC, WEC, Pride, Strikeforce, Elite XC, etc. As a martial artist, I have been a practitioner of Uechi-Ryu karate for 3 years and currently hold a green belt.

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