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Larry wrote at 2014-11-12 19:10:28
You probably want to fight at 125, even if you're weight is up near 140. It's not an unreasonable cut and you won't be outsized by some of the bigger fighters as you would at 135.  

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I can answer the majority of emperical questions that are verifiable through trustworthy sources. This can range from a fighter's record to a specific issue about a violation of a rule. The only questions I may not be able to answer are those which force me to compare two fighters through personal opinion. As a mixed martial arts fan, I will always have personal favorites and value those over other fighters who I do not favor as much.


I have been a fan of mixed martial arts for well roughly six years, following a wide range of organizations such as the UFC, WEC, Pride, Strikeforce, Elite XC, etc. As a martial artist, I have been a practitioner of Uechi-Ryu karate for 3 years and currently hold a green belt.

I am currently a second year college student.

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