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hello sir,
am 21year old male i want to be an mma fighter.. i kind of learning various martial arts arts sunce my childhood.. so what should be my ideal weight for being mma fighter.. my height is 5.5 or 5.6ft ...
and for strengthening body mma fighter should do compound lifting movements like push press benchpress or power clean n jerk.. or he should do isolation workouts like monday chest tuesday back and so on..
thank u

Ideal weight depends on the individual. My guess is that your frame should fit flyweight which is 125 lbs. But a major part of fighting involves weight cutting, so a healthy weight is 140 lbs or 63.5 kg.

For exercise, try different forms of work outs each day. Cardio, strength and flexibility. I suggest high reps/light weights twice a week, heavy weights three times a week and cardio at least twice a week. Don't forget flexibility like yoga at least once a week.  

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