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Hi.  I recently purchased a Bachmann turntable for my son's HO layout.  I have a question re. wiring (and please excuse my stupidity)...  Can the turntable be wired to move one train to a spoke line and then move another train onto the turntable?  Hope this makes sense.  Thanks for your help.

Hi! Joe.  Thanks for your question.  Yes you can wire each spoke track separately. If the spoke tracks automatically connect and automatically switch to the turntable track (I am not sure if they are automatically connected, and the instructions are pretty vague) you should have no problems. If the spoke tracks do not connect (in most turntables they don't# you'll have to replace one of the joiners connecting the spoke track with a insulated joiner.  Then you feed that rail, after the joiner with a separate feed controlled by an on/off switch, so you can deaden that spoke track.  You can do that with all the spoke tracks, except the main track #4 that leads into the turntable.
Here is a link to Bachmann's Information Site.
And here is a link to "Ask Bach-mann"  They provide a bunch of information.
Lastly, there is also a different way to run HO trains, other than the older DC system.  The newer system is called DCC #Digital Command Control#.  Each locomotive has a computer chip on board that controls direction and speed, and other things like lights etc.  You control all your locomotives and accessories with computer instructions through the rails.  Bachmann makes locomotives with these chips built in and this gives you separate control of each locomotive everywhere without setting up separate wiring systems to shut down locomotives.  Two or more locomotives can run independently on the same track #hopefully not crashing together#.  This way all the spoke tracks on the turntable can be live at the same time, but you can shut down each locomotive at will.  DCC also can control sound #whistles, bells brake sounds etc# on each locomotive.  Of course this increases the cost of each locomotive #especially those with sound), but lessens the need for a lot more wiring and extra controllers. Older DC locomotives can have DCC chips added generally. I don't know if you are using DCC already.  If so you have it made.  Hope this helps. Frank.

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