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I recently found a nicely stored Aurora (Canadian) N gauge set.  I briefly powered
the engine and transformer, and it seems okay.  There was no documentation though.

Box indicates: "Aurora Postage Stamp Train Set", No. 4707.  One track switch
note indicates "Minitrix Remote 15*  No 4964 LH

From some searching the web it looks like mid 1960's?

So I would like to dissasemble and service the engine before running it longer.

Can you point me to any available service manuals, links?  Or describe how to open
the engine, and/or lubricate & clean necessary parts?

I can forward photos if that helps.

Thank you!


Nice find!  These are from 1969 and sold for a few years after that. On lots of them the box lid has faded from it's bright white to an off white. Should have a yellow and red insert inside the box to hold everything in it's place. There was a service manual that came with these with the Canadian set version in English/French. Found a pic of the service pages here:    

Kind of hard to see these clearly so if you need better quality pics contact me at and I'll scan them for you. No lube instructions however but remember not to use to much lube. Everyone thinks that if a little is good them a lot must be better which is not the case. The wheels and track need to be really clean for best performance. Minitrix and probably others made a tool just for this. Here is a link to what it looks like but I think these are still for sale lots of places.

Most of Aurora's train items were imported from Minitrix so everything is interchangeable. Hope this helps and let me know if I can be of further help.


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