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Model Railroads/Restoring 1960's N Gauge engine


Am looking for any posted or available references on an Aurora (Canadian)
Minitrix train.  I would like to take apart and service before trying to run.

I could forward some photos,  Model No's.  

Could you help point me to instructions to dissasemble and service?


Sorry for the delay in answering your query, but I was outside clearing up some branches from hurricane Sandy.  I have several Minitrix assembly diagrams from a 1971 catalog of theirs.  Other than for purposes of nostalgia, why do you want a 1960's loco at all?  They were so crudely made by today's standards and ran so poorly, even when new.  As far as servicing goes, you may not have to disassemble anything.  Some very light oil on the truck gears and some compatible grease on the worm gears may be all that is needed.  The electrical pickups may also need some cleaning if they are still wired to the motor.  If you want, you e-mail me ( info you have on your model and if I can help, I'll e-mail you back what I have.  

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