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AF Picture  
My grandfather received an AF set for his fifth birthday in August 1928.  The engine is marked AF #16, coal car #120, passenger car #1103, U.S. Mail Railway Post Office car #1205 and caboose #1206.

I have the cars and track in the original box and am curious what kind of value might be associated with this set.  The engine will wind, but doesn't turn/release after winding and the all of the cars have wear and tear.

I don't have any intention of letting this go, but would like to know if there is anything particularly unique about this set and where it might be valued.

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The set was one of the common offerings from the 30"S that sold through all of the hobby and retail outlets. This set with it's large cast iron engine easily hauled the eight wheel cars around a 30 inch circle. These sets can be found on eBay every month and in the condition shown can bring $100-150 with a premium on the clean boxes and working motors.

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