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I have a J. W. Bowker engine made by Pocher (Model #90122) with a matching Virginia & Truckee tender. There is a plastic shaft about 1 1/4" long with hex ends that connects the tender to the engine and is needed to turn the drive shaft. Any idea where I can get one of these parts? Thanks for your help.

Hi!  Jim.  Thanks for your question.  Pocher was an Italian company later owned by another Italian company Rivarossi.  Both companies went bankrupt some years ago.  Some molds for the Rivarossi models were purchased by a British company, Hornby, but I doubt if parts for your locomotive have subsequently been made.  You have four  choices, attempt to find the missing part from a hobby store that has Pocher parts (very difficult to locate, but you could try the major hobby online stores) look for the part on eBay, (you'll have to keep trying#; buy a second hand Bowker from a sale #eBay, or a  major train show) or construct the missing part by using model aeroplane flexible fuel line material.  Japanese and American locomotives that had their motors in the tender, but the drive train in the locomotive used to use this method  to connect the motor and drive train.  It might work in your case, but you'd have to experiment and maybe remove the plastic bosses on the gear train and motor.  The flexible fuel line comes in different diameters and I'm not sure there is a diameter that would fit your locomotive,  Some modelers also used to use flexible springs to connect.  Pocher was imported by a company called Polks Model Craft Hobbies, at one time (about 1950-1960) located in New York.  They later moved to New Jersey and  became Aristocraft(  I don't think they would have parts for HO locomotives but you could try. Sorry I can't give you a better answer.  Frank

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