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I have a old steam engine that stopped running so we transplanted another motor and it seemed to run fine until the motor just spins. i discovered the gear on the main drive wheel wore out and just spins on the axle. ( it is a 4-6-2 ) Is there a resource for these gears and since I reto-fitted another engine will a new can motor of the same dimensions work better than an old motor.
I can send photos if you can accept?

Hi!  Vince.  Thanks for your question.  Unfortunately the maker is probably Mehanotenika.  They have long gone. I doubt if a replacement gear (I take that the one that spins is on the axle of the driver, not the axle of the motor) is available.  There is a company in Slovakia called  Mehano that also makes 4-6-2 locomotives.  I don't know if their gears are compatable. Here is their website:
Alternatively you might try "gluing" the gear wheel to the axle, if the gear wheel hasn't split.  Plastic gear wheels, made of certain cheap plastics are prone to aging and splitting, but you could try.  The problem will be first cleaning off any lubricant, oil, grease from both the axle and gear wheel and then finding a "glue" that is compatible to the axle (which is possibly steel or plastic) and the gear.  Another alternative is replacing the gear and driver from another make.  North West Short Lines sells drivers with gear wheels in metal, but you'd probably have difficulty in matching the diameter of the driver; the gear ration of the gear which must match the worm on the motor and the real problem of disassembly, and reassembly of the drivers and valve gear, with accurate quartering.  You might find a used Mehanotenika 4-6-2 on Ebay, cheaply,  and cannibalize, but you'd still run into problems of reassembly of the drivers. I hope this helps.

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