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We have a 4720 Lil Donkey Switcher Engine train that still works.  Two of the cars have their trucks off but otherwise the box, track and engine are in good shape.  Two questions?  (1)  Are the parts to attach the trucks still available? and (2) What is this set worth?
Thank you.

Hi John:

Yes you can still buy the truck pins. Atlas sells them and your local hobby shop should have them or be able to get them.

The 4720 set was sold through the entire Aurora Postage Stamp run from 68-73 so it came in the three different versions of boxes. Most common would be the book style box and if all is in nice shape a decent value would be in the $35-$70 range. An interesting note is the Donkey engine was a European prototype and not used in this country. I can just imagine the Aurora people saying it's cute and if we give it a cute name it will sell like hotcakes! Hope this helps!

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