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Where can I get the clockworks for a Carpenter clockwork locomotive number 1177 in Ralkston's book?  Any suggestion?  Thanks  David Arendsen

I am unaware of anyone making any of the clock works motors. A partial motor can be restored by a competent clock maker even if some of the gear train is missing but a total replacement requires a sample to work from to make it run like an original.

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Any questions on American manufacturers of wind up cast iron floor trains, track trains and their litho tin cars and accessories. This would include manufacturers of the following; American Flyer,Hafner,Ives,Lionel,Marx,Dorfan and AMRR. I can identify variants in casting methodology and have experience in determining almost all manufacturing dates within catalogued identifiers. I have extensive experience in the litho tin variants of passenger and freight cars that go with the wind up sets and also many of the early electric train sets. I do not have extensive or specific experience on variations of European wind up toy trains but can help with most general questions on european cast iron wind up trains.


35 years of collecting specifically cast iron wind up trains. I have repaired and restored during this same period having made many of my own tooling to support manfacturing restoration parts and accessories. I have identified 5 toy train engines and cars that had not previousely been published in any referance or collector book.


TCA ETrain magazine. This is an online publication of general toy train interest.

I have a high school education with some college credits.

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