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My layout to this point consists of Atlas brand n scale code 80 flex track. For whatever reason, atlas flex track is close to impossible to find these days and so I'm wondering if other manufacturers' code 80 track can be combined with the atlas track. Thanks for whatever thoughts you may be able to offer.
R Parsons

All code 80 track should have rails which are the same heigth.  You might notice a difference in the spacing of the ties and/or their color. These are merely cosmetic issues.  However, if the tie thickness is different, you could adds shims to make up the difference.  If there is any sort of roadbed which is integrated with the rails as in sectional track from Kato, Tomix and Bachmann, you can use transistional sections which are available to make them compatible with Atlas code 80 track.  Finally, make sure that the rail joiners connecting 2 different brands or kinds of code 80 track fit snuggly on the joints between the sections.

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