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Model Railroads/Locomotive Derailment.


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Will there be Locomotive Derailment if the motorman applies sudden brakes when the Locomotive was running at 300 Km/hr and above speed ?.

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Prashant S Akerkar

ANSWER: Hi!  Thanks for your question.  A speed of 300kmph is equal to 186.411 mph.  Very few trains even can go this fast, only a few in France and possibly in other parts of Europe.  British and American trains very rarely exceed 125mph.  Trains going faster than that would have computer controls to slow them down, outside of manual control by the locomotive engineer.  If there was a problem and the engineer had to brake suddenly the computer controls would always apply the brakes at a safe manner, preventing any derailment.  Frank.

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QUESTION: Dear Frank

Thank you.

Can we say that if the Fastest train running at speed of 300 miles per hour do not derail even after applying sudden brakes by the motorman is a
Robust High speed train design technology ?.

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Prashant S Akerkar

I guess it is robust high speed railway technology.  More important is getting a train to run at this speed in the first place.  I don't know of any railways/railroads that approach such speeds at present in regular use.  All such speeds have been experimental to date.  After 200 mph other characteristics come into play, swaying, noise reduction; melting of power lines; air resistance; cost of special tracks with lesser curvature etc.; special streamlined locomotives and cars; incompatibility with other trains etc.  The costs involve mediating  building as there would be no cost advantage over air transportation, or building of airlines, airports etc..
The highest speed designed at present is for a Korean train to be built in 2015.  Its designed speed is 360 kph or 223.69mph.  Here is a chart of planned or existing high speed trains:
Your ideas is for a train to run almost a 100 mph faster than any planned high speed train.  Just not aerodynamically or financially possible.  Maybe a Maglev train, one day, but that is a different technology. Experimental Maglevs have reached 581kph or 361mph.  But these are "trains" that don't run on tracks and many would question they are railways in the first place. Here is a link:

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