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I am new to the N gauge train hobby. As a Kid I had Lionel train sets and I am not sure what the actual gauge was and later when my kids were small I dabbled in HO for the Christmas tree thing but never the N. I have a table that is 47" x 29" and my plan is to set it up with a mountain with tunnel along with a lake, river and gorge with three different track layouts. One of which will be my vintage steam engine from Bachman with that being the main mountain system. This table was my grand kids old Thomas the train table which is not in use anymore. I am concerned about the differences in all the different manufacturers and their connectivity. What system is the best for this type of layout. I know I have a long way to go but have to start somewhere.


Sorry for the delay!  Pretty much all manufacturers N gauge parts will interchange. Starting from scratch I would go with Kato Unitrack if you can swing the price. Easy to use and trouble free. If you go with normal track there are different code size tracks, just make sure you only use the same through out your layout.

Another item that might be perfect for you is this product:

This will really get you on your way if you like the track layout. Maybe experiment with changing the topography if you feel adventurous. If you google it there is lots of pics and peoples projects.  There is a lot of how-to books out there that can also get you started. Kalmbach Publishing makes some good ones.

Good luck with your project. Should be fun!

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