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I have a Union Pacific FEF 1 a brass engine by United, Pacific Fast Mail. The tender has 2 brake cylinders on each truck. One of them is missing. I've tried Utah brake cylinders & Cal-scale neither are a good match. Can one be located? I also lost the special screw that attaches the truck on the Overland GP35 drive system.

Hi Jeff and thanks for your question.

PFM parts are now made by Precision Scale in Montana.
Check their catalog.  You may have to remove the existing cylinder and replace both with similar ones if an exact match cannot be found.  PFM has been long gone since about 1980 so parts are non-existent otherwise.

As for your Overland GP35, have you tried contacting Overland?
I do not know what the screw is you are missing <stop losing things! :) >
I would bet they can help you.  

I do repair brass but need the item to get a good fit and repair them.
Good Luck!

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