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Model Railroads/Closed circuit television camera (CCTV) installations in Locomotives.


Dear Charles

1. Do you feel the CCTC System is feasible to implement in Locomotives ?. The Display control room for monitoring will be in the Motorman's cabin. CCTC Cameras will be installed in all or specific compartments of the Locomotive.

2. Do you feel security will enhance by implementing CCTC Systems in Locomotives ?.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Thanks for the question Prashant.  Again I rely on my common sense knowledge as opposed to specific railroad knowledge.

I would think that this is a feasible implementation in the Locomotive if sound and video are included and stored for the trip duration.  The cost of the CCTV equipment contrasted with the cost of a Locomotive makes this feasible.  Much like the aircraft industry includes the "black boxes" it may be able to shed light on unexplained derailments and crashes.

The second part of your question concerning security would entail the ability to transmit data from the CCTV to a distant monitoring location in case of a hostile takeover of the Locomotive or possibly an alarm system to alert someone in case of overspeeding and derailments.

I think you have a good idea.



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