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I have Fleischmann engines (German) that have formed wire electrical pickups that go to the leading and trailing drivers on my 0-6-0 engine and they hook around the flanges.  They are wearing out and I can't find replacements! Now they just float on the drivers flanges.  What kind of wire do I buy so I can form and make these pickups myself.  Is this wire called "piano" wire? The current wire is chrome in color (not copper)...might be nickel, not sure but it is single strand, maybe 22/24 gauge, springy/flexible and can be soldered.


You're on the right track with your ideas. I would try to copy the pick ups as what Fleiscmann used
for the locomotives. They're out of business. Parts would be nonexistent at this point. Unless, you
find a junker at a show. It will be a trial and error on the wire. Try a hobby shop for the DIY ideas.
They might carry thin sheets of copper to make your own pick ups. A last source is go to the website:
european train enthusiasts. com  You might get some help from this group. Good luck.

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