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Hi Chris,
I am a collector of HO scale trains and recently picked up a PFM Denver and Salt Lake 2-6-6-0 locomotive that was made by Atlas in a collection purchased. This loco is in pristine condition and is the version with the full backhead details made in 1978. The pilot was never installed. It is still in the sealed bag. The unfortunate thing is the previous owner lost the boiler front piece. I knew this and did not care about it because it wasn't what I was really after. Do you know of anyone who may deal in old brass parts that might be able to help me find this part? I know this may be next to impossible but the loco is like new except for this. Thanks, Gregg

Hi and thanks for your question.

PSC bought out the PFM brass lost wax castings and can manufacture odd items for a cost if they have the master.  I would suggest you get the dimensions and a picture of what the smokebox front which I assume you are asking about?  That would be the best bet for finding this.

Good Luck!

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