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I recently acquired a train collection and many of the trains are unlabeled and I can't find the brand on the train itself. I know next to nothing about trains. The train I have has 12 pieces.  The engine and tender (?)are connect and are silver with a red and blue stripe that is marked Liberty Bell Special with the year 1776 on the side of the locomotive.  9 of the cars have the name of states, the state flag and a picture of the state on them.  For example, one says "Delaware", The First State 1776-1976 and there is a picture of the Delaware flag and the shape of the state.  The last car is blue and appears to be the caboose.  It is labeled Liberty Bell Special with a picture of a bell on it.  Is this an N-scale Con-Cur train, do you know when it was produced? I can't find anything like it on ebay so I'm guessing it is rare.  Any information you can provide to help me describe it would greatly appreciated.  I plan to sell it on ebay.

ANSWER: Hi Debbie,

Sorry to have taken so long to reply.  I will try to get you an answer but first can you please answer a few questions for me.  

1.  Are you sure the collection is N scale and not HO scale?
2.  Is it a boxed set or are the pieces loose?
3.  Do any of the pieces have their own box?
4.  From whom did you acquire the collection?

Please let me know if you are still interested in an answer.  Even if what you have is saleable on eBay, there is a very limited market for used trains that command premium prices.  Look very carefully on the underside of each car for the mfrs. name. It could be Bachmann or Micro-Trains as well as Con-Cor.  I'll try to research this for you if you are still interested.


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liberty bell train
liberty bell train  

liberty bell box car
liberty bell box car  
QUESTION: Hi Larry -
Thanks for the information. I'm sure this is an N scale kit.  There are no boxes, the entire train was stored together in a cigar box.  I did see some markings on the underside of some of the cars and it shows Con-Cor except for the caboose.  I'm attaching a picture so you can see what it looks like.

Let me know if you've ever seen this train before.

Hi Debbie,

I did some more sleuthing and I have the following info for you.

Although my Con-Cor catalogs only go back to 1981 and these date from circa 1976, there is some info online at and at eBay.  Worthpoint generally only relists auctions from eBay so eBay is the source of choice.

EBay prices can be for auctions or for buy-it-now sales and may or may not be realistic but can serve as a general guide.  Prices achieved on "completed" sales provide a better indication of worth.  Remember that the value of these kinds of items is only what a willing buyer is going to pay to a willing seller and that changes over time.

That being said, here's what I found. Fourteen of these freight cars, including the caboose, sold on 04-07-10, and so there are more cars in the series than you have (probably 13 for the original 13 colonies).  I don't know what price they fetched but they came with their boxes which added to their value as does their condition.   Also, a set of 3 sold on eBay on 03-24-13 so there is definitely a market for them.  I believe there is one currently available on eBay with a 14.00 asking price.  Others have sold for as little as $7.00 in the past.

On 02-28-14, the same Hudson type of locomotive you have, but in its original box and including the caboose sold for $160.08 on eBay.  I've seen the locomotive alone previously listed with a buy-it-now price of $200.00.

All told, what you have, while not too common and in used condition without their original boxes is probably worth somewhat less than $200 total (assuming that your loco is in operating condition).

May you have good luck selling what you have on eBay.  You might also try selling it to a local hobby shop if you have one nearby or to a collector they might know about.

Larry Enwhycentral Weinberg

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