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I have 2-4X8 Plywood End to end @one End of Plywood Added 4X8 Piece @ End Facing East. My Problem Is Lose Power About Half Way Down Track, Track is Power-Loc Track. All Connections Look good Thougth About Adding Terminal Block to Distribute to different Locations Around Track To Power whole Track Connect them to Terminals In Track I Have A 12 port Terminal Block To Use Would this Work for Adding Power to Track @ Different Locations. I'm New to Model Trains. And How to wire These Locations

Thanks for your question.  Track is NOT a good electrical conductor. Every conductive rail joiner needs a power feed to it for the best operation. Life Like's Power Lock track in HO and N scales is not good for long runs and will need a power lead soldered onto the joiners without melting the plastic "ballast" that supports the track.

  wires to positive side of power pack
    |          |   
    |      Track         |  
   (+)+++++++++++++++++ (+)
   (-)+++++++++++++++++ (-)
    |          |
    |          |  
 wires to negative side of power pack

One terminal block will not work since that terminal block most likely can only feed one side of the electrical current.  You will need one of positive side and one for the negative side.
I hope this helps.  Good Luck!

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