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Larry, new to model railroading. Id like to do an n scale layout of NY Central on east side Hudson River w/views of West Point, Bannerman's Island, other sites. Limited space..any suggestions?
Thank you, Gary

My own layout\'s benchwork
My own layout's benchw  

Model of Breakneck Ridge fro inspiration
Model of Breakneck Rid  
Hi Gary,

It's wonderful to hear from someone who is both new to model railroading and N scale and the NY Central in the Hudson Valley! Model railroading has been my hobby since 1949 and I've been in N scale since around 1971 and have modelled the NY Central for the last 40 or so years. I too live in the Hudson Valley and have a new layout in progress.  Since I have to think about where to begin to answer your question (which has many possible answers), email me at and I'll get back to you later today and get you started on your way.  Welcome aboard!


Hi Gary,

I'll need to know some more about what kind of suggestions you'd want me to give you.  Have you a track plan in mind?  Do you have any rolling stock or locos?  Do you have any experience with modeling? Do you have a particular brand of track in mind with which to plan your layout?  What aspects of a layout are most important to you? For example, are you interested in mostly scenery?  Are you interested in multiple levels?  Do you just want to see trains rolling thru the layout or do you want the ability to reverse direction?  Do you know about helixes?

So you see that there is a lot to consider and I think it would be to your benefit to contact me thru email ( that I may be of more help to you than is possible just thru posting on


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Larry Weinberg


I can answer many questions regarding N scale model railroading in general as well as questions about the NY Central System, especially questions about the N scale models of their passenger and freight cars.


I have been a model railroader since 1949 and have been an N scale modeler since 1971. I have an extensive N scale collection as well as an extensive model and prototype library to consult.

I am a member of about two dozen online forums covering N scale model railroading and the New York Central System. I am a member of the Northern Westchester Model Railroad Club.

College graduate/Retired.

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