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Main set
Main set  
Wondering what the prices would be on a copy right 1968 Aurora bus system in the box( damaged but still clear face) with blue grey hound all pieces complete with color manual.  Also have a red unmarked bus, and 4 sets of bus by pass #4414, 1 set of curve track #4412, 2 sets of bus bypass electric #4413, and 1 set straight track #4411.  I have attached a picture of the main set with extra red bus and showing some box damage.  Happy to send more pictures if needed.  Thanks for your time.

Hi Douglas

The bus system was a cool item for sure. Imported from Faller of West Germany. As long as the set contains all pieces especially the track connecting pins then it's value ranges from $100-150.  The red busses usually go for $40-50. You can easily check their operation by holding a 9 volt battery to the pick-up shoes.  The 4414 are called intersections and figure around $25 a box if sealed (with tape, these were never shrink wrapped)with good boxes, a little less if used. The straight and curved 4411 and 4412 figure around $15-20 a box.  The bypass is the most desirable so about $30 a box is usual. These items are popular with collectors so condition always plays a big part in the prices. Hope this helps and let me know if I can help any further.

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