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I am interested in getting started in the hobby of model railroads and would like to build a layout for Japanese railroads, i.e. Shinkansen Bullet Trains) and other commmuter type passenger trains.  

Several years ago, in some magazines I saw advertisements for companies where this type of train sets could be purchased.  However, in the current issues of model rail magazines I cannot find any.

I know that Kato and probably other Japanese mfgs. make these trains but on their U.S. websites none of the Japanese trains are listed.

I am mainly considering N Scale but could possibly go with HO.  Do you know where any of these items can be purchased or ordered here in the U.S.?


Hi! Robert.  Thank you for your question.  I found a source on the Internet.  Al's Custom Cars ( has a sale on Kato japanese engines (  Another source for Tomix and GreenMax is Mokei Imports 6950 Kingbury St. St. Louis MO 63160.  They regularly advertize in the model railroad magazines.  If you're going to N scale I'd try the specfic magazines at N scale.  Another place is the small and personal ads carried in Model Railroader.  Good Hunting and Happy Holidays.  Frank

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