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Lindsay wrote at 2006-09-06 01:14:37
You have a Mantua Talgo set.  It was made ot compete with the Varney Aerotrain using a different prototype.  The cars were pretty good replicas of the cars that Talgo demonstrated in the US in the mid 1950's with the exception of the joints between the cars which allowed very close coupling and flexibility on model curves.  The real Talgo cars were unique for not having an axle joining the single wheels on each side.  This allowed for a very low floor and smooth tracking around corners at high speeds.  This is replicated on some of the axles of the model cars.  There were various editions over the years - some years' production runs had more of the special wheels than others.  There should be tiny "Talgo" stick-on transparent labels on each car in the window area.  The locomotive was pure fantasy and the set sold relatively poorly because of this.  They are considered very collectible.  They pop up on ebay from time to time.

Tom Segar wrote at 2007-05-13 18:36:56
Bowser is manufacturing the Aerotrain using the old Varney molds; I have recently acquired enough off ebay to complete the ten unit train, including a rare original powered set (most were unpowered).

HorseSoldier wrote at 2014-12-27 00:21:20
Mantua/Tyco did produce a competitor set to the Varney Aeortrain.  It was not really of any prototype, and didn't last long.  I won a set on E-Bay several years ago, and cleaned up the  car bodies, painted it for PRR, but put on details as if it had been made by GE to compete with the GM/EMD version.

Hey, model railroading is somewhat fantasy anyway.

So, the matter of fact is the Mantua set is pure fantasy, so just go with it.  Since the GM/EMD version is produced by several manufactures, just "pretend" that the Mantua version is from a competing real life producer.  

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