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The handbook of model rocketry by G.Harry Stine has type in programs.

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Dave Landgraf


I will be happy to take on questions about low-power rocketry in general, including rocket design, operating characteristics of blackpowder motors, low-power motor selection, rocket construction, aerodynamics, parachute and streamer duration competition, boost glide (and a little rocket glide), egg loft, altitude competition, and scale competition. I can help you with Barrowman stability calculations, but I am not a rocksim user. I know the basics of mid-power rocketry and small composite motors but I don't fly them much (I'd rather stretch my money by sticking with low-power). I believe I can explain many concepts in a way that just about anyone can follow (and maybe even over-explain?). I absolutely do not mind "newbie" questions one bit; the only bad question is the one you don't ask!


I have flown model rockets for some 40 years, including a few early years of NAR competition. I have been active at the local club level as well as in the NAR. I enjoy designing and developing unconventional designs (the kind of thing you look at and say "it won't fly!").

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Model Rocketry (magazine)

I am an aerospace engineer who has worked professionally in the field for over 30 years. I have worked often with local school, church, and scout groups to lead introductory build-n-fly sessions.

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