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Do you know what brand cell phone was used to track model rockets using gps within a few feet?

Justin -

I can't speak for cell phones as I am not familiar with the various brands and their features.

Most model rocketry entheusiasts use trackers designed for the task.

I am a huge fan of ADEPT products, and use them for altitude recording and drogue/parachute stagine and deployment.

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James Bell


I am a member of Tripoli Rocketry Association, and am certified to fly hi power rockets. I can answer questions anyone may have about design, materials selection, stability calculations, motor selection, altitude and performance predictions, and parachute and recovery options.


I make my rockets from existing kits or parts readily made through commercial channels. I do NOT make my own motor propellants (they are challenging enough even for the companies that do this for a living), and I do not advocate making rockets using "typical household item" such as paper towel rolls.

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