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Model Rocketry/high atitude record info request


Freeborn wrote at 2007-11-10 00:35:17
I believe the last time I checked that the official altitude on record was just over 70,000 ft at a California event sanctioned by the association. It was built and designed By one Ky Michealson.  I have met Ky and his main function in life is as an imagineer for hollywood movie stunts, really extreme stuff, he was a good freind of stuntman Dar Anderson and worked with him on stunts noone else would even consider trying, every time he agreed to one of Kys wacko ideas everyone would tell him this is not possible and you will certainly die today,and he would just smile and proceed one of his stunts that comes to mind was an old Burt Reynolds movie that the face of the stuntman had to be in each stunt shot Burt was the good guy and Dar the Bad Boy ,one stunt involved burt and Dar fighting on top of the seattle tower and Burt throwing Dar off the top, Ky took on the engineering of the stunt and designed it with steel cables so thin the camera would not pick them up I saw the outakes from the stunt and Dar is falling full speed,no air bags, just kys braking system which stopped dars fall about 3 ft off the ground, don,t try this at home folks. Just a note on one of the most fantastic stunts I have ever seen was a movie, don,t remember the name but Dar is pushed out of or jumps out of an airplane with NO parachute to chase a vw microbuss that hs been jettisoned by drug dealers from a large cargo door, Dar has to catch op to the drug filled micro bus which has its own large parachute that the drug dealer was supposed to be in the bus to activate, Dar keeps up a great controlled dive and gets in line with with the VW but plays around floating from side to sid around the thing before climbing in the open window and fumbles around for the chute in the bus with the ground coming up fast he of course gets to it in barely enough time to rid it down comfortably, done with only skill and guts.  Dar Anderson died on a movie set. He had spent the day stunting on great big harley choppers,driving off cliffs running into moving cars etc. The sun was getting to low to film and the director called it a day and let everyone go home,they kept a mechanics shop at the site to bend the bikes back into shape overnight and the stunt guys were given 250cc bikes to run back and forth to the studio, they were all goofing around a littledriving popping wheelies etc and on this rocky top dirt roud there were potholes and Dar hit one wrong and was tossed over the cliff next to him which was 1000ft high or better and was killed instantly.  And that is the story of the worlds record holder for rocket height when I knew KY he was driving a vintage old licoln, long and blac with personalized plates that read simply "ROCKET".  To be fair ths was a long time ago and it certainly wouldn,t surprise me if others have broken that record.

Mike Kleinhans wrote at 2014-06-19 06:57:02
I watched a video today of what I believe is the world record.  110000 a speed of mach 3+.  Was impressive...especially because he recovered the rocket.  If only he could have gotten it about 600 mph faster..he would have made low altitude orbit.  Don't even want to know what he spent on it...but if u are looking to build without an a class license

...i can give u some ideas. Rockets for like 1$....motors are the costly part

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