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You have probably been asked this question before so I do apologize if the answer yes. I am currently living in Guatemala but from Florida and I have a huge mold problem due to the humidity, I have tried oxyclean/vinegar but with no luck..Is there any product or homemade product I could buy or make to literally kill the mold?

Hi William, mix the following in a gallon of water 1/2 ounce of laundry detergent with 12 ounces of bleach in a full gallon of water and use that to kill and clean the mold. The bleach in the mixture will kill the mold. You can put it in a spray bottle and lightly spray the areas where there is mold. Let it dry and maybe spray it again if necessary.
(((Do take precautions))) like don't get any in your eyes, wear rubber gloves and use a sponge or cotton rag to wipe off the areas that have the mold (after it has dried from spraying)
Good luck Daniel  


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