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Re: can't pinpoint origin of musty smell

about 2 years ago when I first moved into my mother's house I did some laundry, forgot to take a bin out of the wash basin the laundry water drained into and it flooded the floor. My mother didn't let me clean it up properly and I have noticed a horrible rancid musty odour when she opens the door to the room I am in in the basement; it seems to be coming from the back draft in the hallway, I don't understand exactly where it's coming from, but I think it was from the flood. By the way, the laundry room is right next door.

It is putrid I can't stand it, I have sniffed around to see if there is like a strong smell, sure there are tiny black marks on the wall, don't know if that would be it, it just comes out of nowhere.

I do not want to call a mold worker, they are known to lie here in Canada, I cannot trust them and moisture meters are about $2000.00 from what I can see.

Anyway, where is it coming from and what should I do about it? it's been like that for a long time now.

Opening the window in the summer has only helped a bit but the smell is still here.

Appreciate your help,


ANSWER: Hi Penny, you have mold because the flood was not dried out quickly and completely. It could be inside the walls. The wall board/plastered walls need to be removed 20-24 inches up from the floor all around the laundry room. Then you will see the mold and be able to deal with it. I suggest you hire a contractor who is experienced in mold remediation.
If this is not completed carefully and completely the smell will never go away!
Refer to the following web sites for more information. and
Good luck, Daniel

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QUESTION: Thanks for the answer:

I'm just wondering is it the smell all one has to worry about? or spores or what?



Hi Penny, I am not a doctor but I do know that "off-gassing" from the "black" mold has proven to effect some people's breathing. When I go in a space with a lot of black mold my lungs have a feeling of pressure and my eyes water. Check out what the Center for Disease Control has to say about the health effects of mold on their web site.
Your water damage situation really does need to be professionally addressed and re-mediated. (in my opinion) Daniel


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