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I have a real problem. In the winter months, my walls, windows, and toilets sweat horribly. Our windows are new, put in by Windows USA and don't sweat as bad as before, but still do a little. Almost all of the bedroom walls sweat and if left alone, will start producing mold! I have to go around every morning with a towel to get it up! In the winter I have to pull furniture away from the walls to allow air to get behind them and hopefully no mold will grow, though usually that doesn't work. So far as I know, there is no problem the insulation, we have an aluminum roof, and a gas heater in the living room. The living area isn't as bad, but some spots do sport mold and now I've noticed that if I don't get behind the couches often, mold will grow on the walls and sometimes the floor! I've had so many people give me their opinion but I want an expert opinion! Please help!

Your windows are not your problem, with much missing information this is what i think is going on.

1) you have an older house
2) you have limited insulation in the walls.

the problem is the outside is so cold and the inside of the house is warm. the walls are missing or have very limited insulation the plaster or sheetrock is between this warm/cold air and the air mixes causing the water condensation. (thus your mold issue)

you need insulation in the walls

you can also try loweing the temp in the house, running a fan to the outside, bathroom,kitchen often as this will help lower humidity in the home.

bottom line add insulation but try the items above to see if they help.

Ed Neyland

AC&E Home Inspection Corp.


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