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Mold/Mold in the Van!


Hello! So, I'm 16 and my first car is a Nissan Minivan. Nice, right? I actually love it. But anyway, it was our old family car, and after we moved, my parents got new cars over the years for winter driving, etc. The van doesn't do too well in the snow! It has been sitting idol for around...oh I dont know 3 years or so. The result: MOLD. Ugh. Last year I took it out and gave it a nice bath and attempted to clean the mold with baking soda, vinegar solutions, lots of soap, letting it air out, and more. It helped! A lot. The seats are pretty much rid of the stuff. This year I came back to the van since I'm getting my license soo, opened the door and WHAM! A nice, big waft of mildew smell, fresh from the depths of nasty. The drivers seat has some fresh stuff, and I'm seeing very faint white and light green newcomers in some places. The seatbelts are pretty much doomed, and I can't replace them. So, I guess my main questions, after that lovely novel, are: What can I do to destroy this mold infestation? Is there a remedy for moldy seatbelts? And lastly, HOW CAN I GET RID OF THE DANG SMELL!? I have an air freshener in there, but it's a weenie Bath and Body Works for yummy smells in scentless cars. It ain't doing anything for the mold! Thank you so much and I'm sorry for the long...explanation. I appreciate any help! :)

Hi Alison, Congratulations on getting your driver's license happy and safe driving! I get a question like yours every once in a while. Mold in a car is just about impossible to get rid of. The reason is because it is hard to get mold out of materials like seats (especially the stuffing materials inside them), seat belts and carpeting much of which is in a car. You could try a car junk yard and get the seat belts replaced. As far as the other materials in the car that have mold I am afraid you are stuck with the mold smell. You can get much more powerful air deodorizers from auto parts stores and try masking the odor. I wish I had a better solution for you but I don't.
Good luck, Daniel


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