Mold/Is this mold?


Mold? or Dust?
Mold? or Dust?  

Mold? or Dust?
Mold? or Dust?  
Hello, so since April my mother has been getting red bumps, then I came home from college and have been getting them too. My mom believes it to be bed bugs now, but we only found one beetle...I'm just considering other things as my sister and Dad aren't getting bites at all. Since I take mostly after my mother on many levels we both have sensetive skin, so I looked at our vents. I found most of this stuff in my vent and some in others. Is this mold? and do you think it would cause the bumps, or would a doctor be able to identify what is causing the bumps?

Thanks for your time, and please answer asap!

Hi Nicholas, It is had to determine if it is in fact mold from where I am 20 miles west of Boston. The pics you sent are looking black in which case it could be mold. I suggest that you get a mold test kit and test the stuff you see on the vents. They are available at Lowes, Home Depot and many hardware stores. If it is mold then a mold remediation job is needed and that can extend way into the duct work though out the house!
As far as the skin issues are concerned I highly recommend that you and your mother see a qualified skin doctor to find out what that is. and are two web sites that can help you with most anything to do with mold. Check them out.
Good luck! Daniel  


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