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Mold/mold under bath fitter


Hi Dan,
I have a question regarding mold under a bath fitter.  My family and I moved into a home we purchased  4 months that was recently "renovated".  The seller obviously put a bath fitter type thing over the original tub.  Just a few weeks ago I noticed the tub felt squishy under my feet.  When I got out I pushed down on the bottom and could hear water swishing under there.  Last night my husband made an incision in the liner (I did not want him to do that).  Water flowed out, along with what I am sure is mold.  It was completely black underneath from what we can see.  For now we are leaving it alone and I have set up some consultations with bathroom refinishers to get some quotes.  I need someone who will remove the bathfitter and any mold that is under it and refinish the original tub if possible.  My concern is that having this mold exposed will be harmful to our health.  I want to work quickly, but I am wondering if there is something I should put on it or cover it up?  I'm also wondering if the remodel was a just cover up for an already existing mold problem.  Have you heard of this before and if so do you have any recommendations?

Hi Robin, your husband did find out what the problem was. A leak in the seal of the bath fitter. That caused water to leak between the tub and the shell over it, Mold grew in the process. Black mold can "off gas" and that can cause breathing problems for some people. It certainly is a situation that needs to be rectified soon. I am not a medical doctor but I do know that "off gassing" of live mold can cause health issues with some people. Call your doctor and ask about the potential problems that could possibly happen to you or your family. You can also refer to the governments web sites; or for more information on that. I can't determine or say that a previous owner was covering something up. Unless the previous owner is willing to admit that, it is simply impossible to determine. In any event get it replaced as soon as you can. I am also a remodeling contractor I have not had any experience with bath refits. Most often I either remove the tub and replace it with a new one or I have an existing tub "re-glazed" by a qualified resurfacing company. Good luck with your situation. Daniel


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