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Mold/damp smell in airing cupboard


Hi. We have a horrible dampy musty smell coming from the floor of our airing cupboard . We have been told it may be coming from leaves, mud etc or dead bird getting in between the outer wall cavity due to falling behind there from the roof ? We had a rooftile replaced because it had a hole in. And also have had plastic roof things put under first layer of tiles as we thought it may be coming from there. But the smell is terrible. How do we take outside bricks out and the cavity wall out to let air get in to circulate please. Your advice will be much appreciated. Thank you. Kim.xxxv


This is difficult for me to answer without photos of the inside and outside.  If you are able, please forward.

Otherwise, it sounds like you have (or had) a moisture intrusion in or adjacent to the cupboard, (perhaps from the hole in the roof, or seepage through brickwork?).  Water and wood make mold, and in a confined space the smell can become overpowering. And, if you can find it, the best solution is to remove or thoroughly clean any surface that has mold or mold residue.



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