My shower is one of those inserts that goes Round the is caulked all around the top and bottom. The problem is ther are a couple cracks around where the insert is molded gor soap or a place to put shampoo and such. I have been putti g xalk on theae cracks but I guess water has still gotten back behind the insert. Therebis a bad smell andn nasty looking black stuff coming out if those cracks. I am in a finiancial bind at the moment because I gave a car in the shop that needs a motor put in it. So what ever help u can give I would appreciate. I am just hoping this isn't going to cost me an arm and a leg. Thanks, Belinda

Hi Belinda, you have mold between the old tub and the surround. I wish there was an easy fix I could tell you about but I don't have one. My guess is that it needs to be replaced but not being there and seeing it with my own eyes I can't tell for sure. Can you contact a local person who knows about mold to come and take a look at it? You could take some pictures of the situation and send them to me and I can get a better idea from looking at them. Sorry I wish I had better news for you. Daniel


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