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Hi Daniel, I am looking at possibly purchasing a property. The property is a foreclosure and at a relatively deep discount. I toured the property this evening for the first time, and discovered a mold problem in the basement. I have zero experience with mold, and really am trying to dtermine how severe this problem is. I imagine there are different types of mold and the like, so really I was hoping you could take a look at the attached photographs and possibly provide some insight on how big of an issue this is.

The property I'm looking at is a duplex, and I only saw the mold in one of the units. It was in the basement, and on most of the walls in the basement. The main wall it is on, as you will see, the mold is on both sides. Only one side of the wall is finished so you can see the back side of the mold.

Really I'm trying to determine if this is something where I can just remove and replace the drywall, wash the concrete containing the mold with some bleach or other type of substance and be able to fix it. Or does this appear to you to be a problem that could make the house uninhabitable. I realize its hard not being there to see it in person, but any insight you can provide would be much appreciated.


Hi Brent, Pic number 2 is very clear and the wall board needs to be removed up to the point where the mold no longer exists. Pic number 1 is just a red blur. The real estate purchase is a big investment you really want someone with mold expertise to see this basement and advise you before you purchase the property. I can't properly assess the situation just looking at one picture. It may be that the basement can be re mediated and the mold killed and cleaned but you need to know that for sure otherwise you are buying a big problem. If I were you I would want both basements looked at and tested for mold so I know the complete picture and what I am up against. Also most homeowners do not have the expertise to remove mold properly. If there is mold in the concrete walls and floor only a professional with extensive training and experience can do the job completely and properly. For more information you can check out the following web sites; or Good luck, Daniel


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