Hi I'm hoping you can help I need to know if I have mould in my bedroom I have a week old Baby and don't feel safe taking him in there its around the window frame and travelling on the walls and spreading onto the blinds now its a gray/black colour and looks if there is some fur on parts of it thanks


If you have mold, then you also have a moisture problem.  This could be caused from excess humidity, inadequate ventilation, poorly-insulated walls or windows, or other reasons.  

In your case I would clean the mold using a dilute bleach solution with some detergent, then work on identifying and fixing the causes.  If the mold has progressed as far as you describe, then you should do a complete HEPA vacuuming of all surfaces in the room and adjoining spaces, especially floors and horizontal surfaces, and launder all fabrics (bedspreads, etc.).  You will need to use a true HEPA vacuum for this.

A lot of good information can be found here:

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