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Mold/Black Mold In My Apt


Help!! Black mold all around kitchen window. Problem reported to management numerous time. All they did was apply some tape at bottom of window where air was leaking in and mold still persists.
Here is the problem. I live in a downstairs apt. The rain gutter above dumps huge amounts of water straight down the side of the building and right over my window. The water is finding it's way into that wall right behind my kitchen sink. The odor under my sink is abysmal. The black mold is growing all over the bottom of the Kitchen window. I had the whole window covered with a piece of dark vinyl (for privacy). There is no sunlight that enters the window. I am on the North side of the building. At first I though the plastic might be causing the mold. It is down now and the window was cleaned but the mold has come back. Currently I have a piece of rubber backed cloth hanging over the window but it is not sealed. There is white mold all over this apt. The apt had hardwood floors and moisture seems to be seeping through the floor. I had put pennies and salt down in some areas to try to kill slugs that are coming in here. The salt has turned to mush and the pennies have turned green. This building is built on a slope and all the water from the top of the lot rushes down here where I am when it rains. The crawl space under this building is about 10 feet deep in some places. the maintenance man has gotten on his hands and knees to fill in all spaces under the sink and cabinets where the slugs are coming in but they are still getting in. A simple solution would be to move but I will never be able to qualify for anywhere else. I am a Senior with very low income under $800.00/month. All affordable housing in my city is filled and a waiting list a mile long.

Hi Jodi, you do have a problem that is for sure. The only way to stop the mold is stop the water and/or moisture from getting around and in that window. That has to be stopped from the outside. Ask them to put a divert-er above the window to divert the water away from the window. You can place a fan on the counter and aim it towards the window to dry the air around the window. Set it on its lowest speed and let it run all day everyday to help stop the mold. Also you can clean the mold off the window with a combination of 80% water, 20% bleach and a small amount of detergent. Do not put any plastic in front of the window that will worsen the situation. I can't help you with the slug situation not my area of expertise.
You may have health issues due to the off gassing of the mold in the apartment. If there is white mold on the walls that is also not good that needs to be removed. You may also consider getting a dehumidifier and run it at the 50% humidity setting. The air in your apartment is likely to be a lot higher that that. Get a humidity meter and set it in the apartment on a counter or table. Read what it says. If it is above 50% you need to dry the air asap!Good luck, Daniel


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