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Molestation/6 year old and 9 year old molested by 12 year old cousin


jamie wrote at 2012-05-13 04:56:04
I'm not trying to b rude sarah but that's rediculous...a 12 yr old with no sex education knows not to force himself upon someone else. I think the then 12 yr old needs help and may do this to other children...boys in puberty deal just fine by masterbating....well at least normal ones...and to say the other boys prob wont have any more after affects is silly too...just because you cant see them doesn't mean they are not there.

beauport01930 wrote at 2015-05-28 17:17:06
A 12 year old knows right from wrong and will continue faulty behavior and thinking if he gets away with it.

Your children were molested or raped and you need to take action. Contact an agency on-line or via telephone to guide you through this. Get your children into counseling no matter when this happened. They need to sort it out. You must be supportive and respectful to your children. YOUR CHILDREN ARE YOUR PRIORITY.

Your children now suffer the consequences of dealing with the confusion and emotions that exist because of someone else. YOU are now dealing with the confusion. The OFFENDER must be responsible for what was done. Worry about your family, not his family. TELL THE PARENTS. It's never too late.

Your children were at a different developmental stage and were taken advantage of, so if you are searching on-line, search and read how to support your children knowing what you now know.

Good luck. I just found out two days ago that when my nephew was 11, he and his friends raped my 8 year old daughter. Then the next day, I learn he made my 5 year old perform sexual acts on him. I'm mad as hell. Right now my focus is on my adult daughters who still need love and support. We will be letting him and his family know because we are concerned how many others he hurt and may be still hurting. Step by Step this will be managed. I was distraught when I learned this the other day, talked to a therapist and am now focusing on my daughters. It happened to them. We are not going to let him get away with this even though it's decades later.


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I am an expert and counselor on too. I am aware and have been through it all. I can answer your questions on being molested by my father, brother and how it feels as an adult to have dissociative identity disorder (DID) and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). I can also answer questions on being in SAA, Sex Addicts Anonymous, AA, Alcoholics Anonymous, being married several times as I tried to run from all my fears, including getting lost on the road and yet I still would strike out to find a man even if I did get lost. There's not anything I can imagine that I wouldn't try to answer!


When I was fifty-nine years of age, I experienced an incorporation with Dr. William Tollefson, the gentleman that developed incorporation therapy. Now my three altars and I are one system instead of four of us fighting against each other. On top of the molestations of childhood, I was raped repeatedly in college by three men and left to die. I stayed in basically an abusive marriage for 26 years even though I was the one that was educated, six years of college. Organizations: United Methodist's Women's Group, Epiphany, Faith Partner's, Emmaus Walk Publications: Sarah Harrison has written several articles for the Women's Institute for Incorporation Therapy's monthly newsletter as well as articles for spiritual magazines. She has just recently published her own true tragedy of sexual abuse entitled, "You Love Your Daddy, Don't You?" Go to to view the website and order her book. Education/Credentials: Master's in Education, Specialist's in Education, Specialist's in Administration. Awards and Honors: Teacher of the Year, on the Board of the Finance Committee for Gwinnett Co. Board of Ed. for seven years, CASA volunteer in Forsyth Co. for four years. Past/Present Clients: Women's group at Birmingham United Methodist Church in Alpharetta, GA and Epiphany at Columbia, SC. I want to start engaging in speaking conferences for other women's groups as soon as possible now that my book is published.

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