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Molestation/Daughter said Step dad touched her


Sunshine wrote at 2012-04-26 02:08:49
Oh my goodness this sounds like the same story my daughter told some months ago

She said her stepfather  TOUCHED her.  She was never afraid of him, to go anywhere with

him. Claims it happened when she was 4 as told to my sister from something they were watching

on TV.  She was angry because I was using her cell phone

and came outside and yelled at me.My husband heard her outside and stepped out the door

She looked at him and yelled You know what you did to me.  Her father is a copy which stayed with summers and

weekends, and she never said a thing. She has also cried about her father having a new life without

her.  I separated from my husband who has taken care of me and my kids.

He is not that sociable but he that way with everyone.

Help me, he is my husband I just want the truth.  I will always Love her.


Copper206 wrote at 2015-07-06 01:49:25
I am an retired cop and a lie detector is the best way!! They are about 97% accurate and they can detect deception if the individual lies.  While it can not be used in court it can be used as a tool for personal doubts you may have. The going price goes from $200.00 to $400.00 and it varies. The easiest way is to ask both and the one who does not want to take the polygraph is the guilty party. Lies can destroy your life, marriage, family and heavens knows what else. In many cases, the step child can/could be the aggressor and rejection causes hate and revenge. Also bringing another man into your life might cause your child to feel that you don't need, love, or have someone else to chat with instead of you, again, revenge has put many innocent people in jail, broken up marriages, and even death depending on the crime! Trying to figure out wh0 is telling the truth is difficult but, but take good notes and make sure the story does not change constantly because there is something wrong somewhere in the story or what happened!  


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