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Molestation/My 13 year old son rubbed his 6 year old private part!!


SRC wrote at 2013-02-16 00:37:20
If you are in Florida, BEWARE. Six YEARS after the fact, we found out that my step son (who was 12 at the time)touched my daughter (who was 6 at the time) on the outside of her privates on two consecutive days. We confronted him; he confessed. Both children told the exact same story; both said it only happened on two occasions when I left him to watch her while I went to store. we put both kids in counseling. Long story short: i told my ex-husband - as he had a right to know. He refused to participate in counseling, had the NOW 18 year old arrested, tried, and convicted. (even though it was as a juvenile crime, it will follow him forever because of the nature of the offense). The boy quit school, did his time, and left the area - never to be seen again. The ex-husband took me to court for custody,costing me over $11,000 in attorney fees for 4 months work....he didn't get custody so then he called DCF. They charged me with "neglect" for not reporting the SIX YEAR OLD event. I had to spend a year in court with my daughter under a dependency petition....oh: the boy's father, my former fiancee, could NOT get over any of this and asked us to move out. So we lost our home, i lost my fiancee, our future is uncertain, his children and family dismissed us, i spent over a 1/3 of my take home pay,$11,000 on an attorney -and had to cancel health insurance to pay that atty-......... but according to the state of Florida, she is now "safe"....this is absolutely happened in Santa Rosa County.


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