Hi I'm Jenny and 17 and currently in boarding school for girls, I often read this site as it is interesting and would like to get a view on my pre teen and teen days with my dad.  I started to develope at around 11 and remember one afternoon sat on the rope swing in the garden watching dad who had his top off and I was glued to his muscles, the more I watched the more this warm, sticky and tingly sensation built in my panties and I began squeezing and squirming against the thick rope.  Other times I would be lying on my bed on my front reading and see dad in the garden and I would get the same feeling, sometimes I would ruck the duvet between my thighs and hump on it watching dad, or I would slide my hands under my front and poke my vagina through my panties watching him.  One afternoon I was on my bed lying against my pillows reading and again saw dad in the garden and I had the urge to rub the edge of the book up and down my crotch over my cycling shorts, another time I tugged my panties up my slit to get a nice sensation while I watched him.

Around 11 and a half I developed breasts, just constantly perky nipples to start with, at this time I would flirt with and pester dad, we would play fight and wrestle and he would end up tickling me like crazy, the whole time I felt the same wet sticky sensation in my panties and my nipples would almost burn.  Sometimes when we wrestled dads hand would get between my thighs and I would lock my thighs together against it on purpose and love the sensation of his hand against my crotch.  Then one afternoon when I was about 12 we were alone in our pool and messing about, dad was behind me and had his arms wraped round me and was tickling me all over saying his fingers were spiders legs, he was paying a lot of attention to the tops of my thighs but it felt really good, I felt his fingers graze across my crotch and I almost exploded with pleasure and pushed my hips forward on purpose to get the feeling again, I then felt his fingers press against my swimsuit over my crotch so I pushed against them and said what he was doing felt really good, moments later I had my thighs wide spread and dad was rubbing my vagina gently through my swimsuit, next I went into a trembling shaking excited spasm and I think I orgasmed.  I have read lots about this but I enjoyed what he did, we did other stuff as well.

Jenny, we are all sexual beings and the feelings are with us throughout our lives. You, obviously, are somewhat more sexually aware and easily aroused and in tune with your feelings. Puberty is a rite of passage that we all go through, hopefully with some guidance from parents, but often not.

Dad-daughter relationships are often clouded with some sexual tension as a young girl develops into womanhood. Sexual responses are difficult to quell between males and females, no matter what the relationships are, but certainly some decorum needs to be observed between a father and daughter. In the heat of the moment, dad crossed the line somewhat by touching you in a sexual way and hopefully it didn't go beyond that point. At some point, in everyone's life, we have to come to grips with our sexuality, learning about our body's responses to being stimulated and how to express that in an intimate situation.

Sexual feelings are very powerful, as you know, but that is a part of life that must be kept in balance. Losing yourself in your sexuality can lead you into situations where you may not have control and could result in pregnancy, STDs and finding yourself in unhealthy relationships. Sex is just one component of an intimate relationship. This can be hard to reckon with in the mind of a sexually charged teen, whose brain functions continue to rewire themselves until about age twenty five, but it is part of the process of maturation that must be integrated into your life.

As you develop relationships with boys and men in the future, you have to learn to rein in the sexual feelings until you are comfortable and confident that the basis of the relationship is about the core values of who you are, not just about how good you are in bed.

I would think that your mother would not be too pleased to read about your adventures with your dad. Ultimately, every relationship between human beings is unique and if no great harm has been done, then it just is what it is, however dad-daughter intimacy can skew a girl's feelings about men a little off track, when she starts to become intimate with other males.

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