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Molestation/My Wifes Daughter and her Father


I have a young 9 year old step child that her birth Father raped her 20 year old step sister.  How do we deal with this situation to her?  We told her that her Father did something very bad and had to go to jail.  He is now out of jail and wants to see his daughter. I am stongly against but do not know if this is right.   I need to know what is the best way to handle this since she doesn't know what he did and to whom?  Thank you.

Todd, this is probably a good question for an attorney or to consult local authorities. As a "father" he probably has a legal right to see his child, but under specific supervised circumstances. If he wants to see her, then he should also be prepared to start supporting her, financially, too.

A lot depends upon the maturity of her at 9 and how she understands how babies are born and how the relationship is now between he and the mother. She should understand how actions have consequences and that he was irresponsible at that age and is hopefully willing to act with some level of responsibility now. A lot of depends upon how he has changed during his time in jail.

If she has not been adopted, there are a lot of loose ends that may arise, so some legal advice is probably in order.

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