Hi I believe my son has been molested by his father. His father has been displaying unusual behaviors now for about a year such as grabbing our sons butt every chance he could in public or private and grabbing his teammates butts even though my son stated he didn't like it. Then he kept kissing him on the mouth for extended periods of time in public and private and refused to stop even though our son repeatedly tried to kiss his brothers, uncles, and grandfather on the mouth. My son was 4 at this time and my son pulled down his underwear and started stroking his penis saying this is what my daddy does and dancing in a provocative way and this is on video. This was all last year. Now this year starting in June my son has had penile pain and swelling on 3 occassions upon returning from his dads house and once it was so severe we had to take him to the emergency room. I did not catch on till the 3rd time that this was only happening when he came from his dads house. His dad does not have overnight visitation yet he was giving him baths all the time. I questioned my son and recorded the conversation and he gives details to what his father does to him, where he does it, and who else is in the house. I questioned his dad and first he said he No he hasn't checked him, to he checked him once, to a hand full of times to once and named additional times my son has complained of pain to him and that he had to check him that I was unaware about. Then he lied in court and said he didn't check him the times he said he did. Cps was reported by the Gill center, police dept, court house, and a detective and they refuse to take the case. I as well as my job have been seeking counseling for my son since the last occurence in August with minimal success. What else can i do?

Renee,  Wow, unbelievable that no one will take the case, especially with a recording (probably not done with his permission so in-admissible in court.. blah, blah, blah). I would ask for a supervisor or administrator to review the case again at CPS. That is their job, as far as I know...  Sounds like his father is mentally disturbed and should be examined or admitted to a hospital. I wouldn't release him to visit his dad without full supervision.

Did you check the site for support ideas?

If you have read much of what I offer for suggestions here, you will have noted that I am a proponent of the EFT process to help heal traumatic memories and events that cause PTSD. Conventional counseling really doesn't do a great deal to help heal these kinds of wounds. Meds and hours of talk therapy are just a mask to ease the pain for awhile. It never goes away using drugs or just "waiting" for him to grow out of it.

This is good medicine for children AND adults, who are stressed and/or traumatized from any kind of incident that they cannot process and handle on their own.

I think you will see some real positive results from using EFT on your son. If you are hesitant to use it with him, find a local practitioner who is able to assist.

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