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Molestation/Should I be worried about this or did I just over-react?


Hello, my name is Jake and I'm 14 years old. This is a very sensitive question to ask, but I really do need some help...
About two weeks ago I went to my local doctors for a check up. Which was bizarre, having I already seen him that month. When me and my mum got there the Doctor was standing right at the front door and told us that the check up would take place at one of the Far East rooms. (Which is quite a distance from we're the normal check-ups would take place.

In the room, he told me that he was just checking 'how my body reacts and if anything is not right'-
And telling me that he might be rough but it's for my own good. I had no idea what he meant at the time.
After checking my arms and torso, he moved down my body and kept his hands on my hips.
(Note, I was sitting on a table at the time) He then moved his hands down my thigh and one of his hand 'slipped' Into my crouch. I thought it must of been an accident until he stared to press his hand up against it.
I was terrified by this point and I kicked him in the leg quite hard. He then started to yell at me for kicking him and told me to get out.

I later told my mother what had happened but she just said I was being stupid and over-reacting over a silly mistake. But was I? I just really need to get this off my chest.

[I'm really sorry for wasting you're time, and sorry for my poor grammar and spelling, I don't speak English very well...]

Jake, I think if the doctor is going to check you for something specific he should be telling you and your mother just what he is going to do and the purpose of the exam method.

There are some specific tests to see if your testicles are developing correctly, tests for STD inflammation or if your prostate gland is enlarged, but that is generally for adults.

If you ever go back again, you might state that you were surprised at the test and that your kick was a "reaction" to his excessive force in a tender area.

I found a video clip that demonstrates a lot of normal physical tests which a doctor might perform. last one on the list. It doesn't show anything specific fo the genital area, however. You can see that it is quite physical in nature, with a lot of poking, prodding and tapping on various portions of your body.

Doctors are overworked and some have a less than compassionate bedside manner with patients, but it sounds like some specific communications were lacking here. They see a lot of bodies and body parts, but that doesn't mean that there are not a few rogue doctors that might have something other than medicine on their minds.

If this is your only choice for a doctor, then you and your mother need to have a conversation with him prior to any further examinations and perhaps she needs to be in the room with you next time, so she is aware of what is going to happen and what is to be expected of you in the way of cooperation. Otherwise, ask to see a different doctor and tell him that you had a difficult experience with the last one, so he needs to explain his examination procedures thoroughly.

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